Kaldi Tripel - B.f. 19.10.23

Kaldi Tripel - 9% Belgian Tripel

This specialty beer from Kaldi was first brought to the market in 2017 and in the year 2018 it was chosen the best beer of the year at the Icelandic beer festival at Hólar. This beer is brewed with Czech and Belgian malt, hopped with Czech and New-Zealand hops. At the end of boil we add a generous amount of Candi sugar which brings a special character and sweetness. The tripel is then fermented with three different strains of yeast that brings out complex and enjoyable flavours.

Innihald: Tékkneskir og ný-sjálenskir humlar, tékkneskt og belgískt maltað bygg, brúnaður sykur.

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