Lady Brewery

Óþekktir skógar

Óþekktir skógar - 9,1% Stout

Óþekktir skógar/Unknown Forests is Lady Brewery’s winter beer 2019-2020 He is a dark, deep and heavily smoked birch imperial stout. He is packed with icelandic nature, birch- leaves, bark, tar, some Sitka Spruce, Anthyllis vulneraria and Angelica seeds. Its hops are Willamette and Tettnang and in it is added brown sugar.

This is the breweries most experimental and weirdest beer, made as an experience design product exhibited on DesignMarch 2019 in collaboration with Nordic Angan - a distillery and design studio that produces fragrance related products and experiences from Icelandic nature. Both Lady Brewery and Nordic Angan work with experience, design and taste in their products & therefore a perfect relationship in collaboration.